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Re: RC: Level-It -or?

At 12:28 PM 02/05/2001 -0800, wrote:
>Ray O.
>    I'd like to hear some experiences with Level-It,or any other 
> "composite" emergency spare shoe.Long term,I need to get set up to have 
> an Easyboot "on-line and ready",but until they make coherent instructions 
> available,I'm thinking Level-it -or something similar.

Gosh, even I figured them out (and I'm blond).

If you can ride a horse, you can figure out an easyboot.  The new ones are 
even better, they are already cut down in the back and the toe has been 
rounded a bit as well.  If you come to the AERC convention next month I can 
show you how simple it is to put an easyboot on a horse (really, it's not 
that difficult, honest)

& Weav & Rocky....almost 7,000 miles in easyboots (so far)  :+)

P.S.  I will get clearer photos up on my site soon, keep getting occupied 
with equines

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