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Re: Kinda of OT - Sarcoids?

Hello Jennifer -

My Kit had two of these when I bought her. Flat, dark, hairless patches; one
at the edge of her eye (by the tear duct) and the other at the base of her
ear. Both had one or two very small raised bumps, but never broke open,
bled, etc. Her vet biopsied them as part of the prepurchase exam. The
results came back as "equine flat sarcoid, prognosis guarded", and a whole
bunch of scary technical terms I had never seen or heard of before.

I bought her anyway ($ was right, $475), that was 12+ years ago. She is an
Appaloosa. Her vet said they could be cryo'd, but  we never did anything,
except put her on a good basic diet (I don't really know if that helped, but
it makes me feel good to think that it did). The lesions are gone now, they
faded away within a year of my purchasing her. Just a small black spot at
the site. There never were any complications at all, and I have seen
pictures of nasty sarcoids, so I guess my girl lucked out.

Good luck w/ your friend's horse -

Cheryl in WNY
Horse Kids Kit, Bobby & Dani

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> Hi,
> I hope it's okay if I ask about Sarcoids on this list

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