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Re: Kinda of OT - Sarcoids?

> So.....does anybody have any advice or experiences to share on sarcoids?
            Based on the experience I have had, tell your friend not to
worry.   The "stuff" she is smearing on his face must be XXterra---I used it
this past spring on two sarcoids on one mare.   It did not make the area
"too" ugly - what it does it cause a reaction and the sarcoid "peels off"
like a big scab.   I failed to do all four days the first treatment so had
to repeat it.    The only thing I can say is that, at least in my case, when
the sarcoid starts leaving, it leaves slowly.   It has been about six months
and the large sarcoid is just now completely gone---it was probably three
inches in diameter when I treated it.  The littler one was gone much faster.
This larger one had been there several years without "doing" anything, but
had started to grow this spring.    >


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