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Re: Kinda of OT - Sarcoids?

My Arab had a sarcoid between his eyes near the left eye.  My regular vet
looked at it and suggested I leave it alone...that surgery might spread it.

It continued to grow and began to ooze...looked gross.  At a ride another
vet looked at it and said she thought it should come out and had done
many of them without  problem.   This vet as known to me and well-
recommended.  Since she was 90 miles from home, I arranged to stay
over on another weekend event and she removed it Monday morning
(while I held his head and the blood dripped on my feet).

It required a very large incision to get it all, but six weeks later you
barely notice the scar and the sarcoid has never returned.

John and Meshack

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Sent: Thursday, December 13, 2001 11:48 AM
Subject: RC: Kinda of OT - Sarcoids?

> Hi,
> I hope it's okay if I ask about Sarcoids on this list - I guess it's
> kind of off topic, but not really, since endurance horses get them too.
> A friend of mine (who isn't on RC) bought a 6 yr old chestnut Arab
> gelding 2-3 weeks ago.  This gelding has some endurance miles on him,
> and did the Sunland ride two years ago.  When we went to look at him we
> noticed a quarter-sized, scabby, half-healed looking thing next to his
> eye, near the middle of his forehead.  We asked about it, and the seller
> told us that he got injured out in the pasture 4 weeks prior, and that
> it was healing up and would be fine.
> After continuing to treat the injury after bringing the horse home, my
> friend had her vet look at it because it kept breaking open and did not
> seem to be getting better.  The vet took one look and said "That's no
> injury, it's a sarcoid tumor."
> My friend is very upset.  She really likes this gelding and has started
> to bond with him.  The vet said that these tumors can get much worse,
> and that even if she is successful in getting rid of it, it may come
> back and keep getting bigger.  It's smack dab on the front of the
> horse's face.  :(   Not to sound shallow, but my friend is really upset
> that her brand new horse has this potentially huge blemish.  The vet did
> tell her that these are usually not life-threatening, so she is relieved
> about that.  He gave her some stuff to apply once a day for 3-4 days,
> and then she is to leave it alone for two weeks to see if it sluffs off.
>  The vet warned her it would look worse before it looked better, with
> this treatment.
> So.....does anybody have any advice or experiences to share on sarcoids?
>  I've been looking up pics on the web, and the one this gelding has is
> not as nasty as a lot I've seen.  His is a very flat, sort of round area
> with just black skin and no hair, and a sort of uneven scaly surface,
> with two very small raised areas within the area that seem to break open
> and bleed a little.  He does not have the nodules or tumors that hang
> off the skin like I've seen in some pics.
> Any advice on how to treat this would be welcome, as well as any guesses
> at prognosis.
> Thank you,
> Jennifer
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