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Re: RC: Kinda of OT - Sarcoids?

on 12/13/01 8:48 AM, Jennifer Thompson at wrote:

> He gave her some stuff to apply once a day for 3-4 days,
> and then she is to leave it alone for two weeks to see if it sluffs off.
> The vet warned her it would look worse before it looked better, with
> this treatment.
It is called X-terra and it works wonderfully. Do not get it in the eye! I
used mine on my mare about two months ago. Sarcoid is totally gone and hair
is regrowing and it looks great. Vet said that with traditional means of
excising them (heat and freezing) they grow back about 60% of the time. She
has not had one grow back treated with the x-terra.
Good luck-Tiffany, one happy x-terra user. 

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