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RE: Camel Endurance?

Camel racing is a big industry in UAE, at least in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It's more like thoroughbred racking - round tracks, short (2 miles?) distances. I don't think they do any long distance racing, at least not the mainstream sport. The jockeys are small children - usally Pakistani. When we were there in March for the World Cup, we drove through a camel racing and training facility just outside of Dubai - mornings and evenings, on the way to and from the stables. Often had to stop on the highway while large groups of camels crossed - being ponied, or ridden by children or adult trainers. The kids always waved, looked like they were having a good time. Colorful dress, and colorful blankets on the camels. It was pretty cool.  Out in the desert while riding out from the stable we always encountered herds of camels. Adults and babies. They would hang out at the stable too. My first morning there it was foggy, I woke up early to a deep red sunrise and the silhouettes of camels in the fog. Pretty exhotic!  There were also a lot of race tracks and training facilities scattered through the desert. It wasn't uncommon to see pickup trucks on the highways transporting stock - tall camels tied into the backs of Toyota trucks.
Ummm... sand, sunshine. Hard to imagine right now with another snow storm on the way...
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From: Linda B. Merims []
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Subject: RC: Brain Burp--Camel Endurance?

Do the Arabs engage in camel endurance racing?
And just how long would a camel endurance race be?
Just wondering...
Linda B. Merims
Massachusetts, USA

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