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Re: Re:am i hurting my horse

You are a breath of "fresh air!" I like your attitude!!
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Sent: Tuesday, December 11, 2001 5:16 PM
Subject: RC: Re:am i hurting my horse

My first thing to tell you, is DO NOT LISTEN TO OTHER PPL WHEN THEY SAY
YOU ARE TO FAT TO RIDE YOUR HORSE!!  Many ppl think that horses are
delicate creatures that need to have a tiny rider on them and look fancy.
I personally and 230+ and i ride a 17 yr old welsh cob/arab mare that is
13.2hh.  I am only 5 ft, so my height is perfect for her.  If i ride
anything over 15 hh, i cannot get my leg on them properly do to the fact
that i have short legs.  I have riden my horse for 3 going on 4 yrs now,
and she has carried me everywhere and jumps 2'6 with me.  I orignally
wanted to get into eventing.  My hopes were crushed there.  Everyone said
i was to fat, that i was cruel to my pony.  I even had a CEF(Canadian
instructor) refuse to give me lessons and yelled at me and instulted
me(that is still in the process of being delt with because that is
harrasment)  I ride my pony just fine.  I decided to get into endurance
because i have heard nothing but good things about it.  I have been
starting my horse off nice and slow and she has been doing great.  We are
up to 5 miles.  My first ride will be a 24 mile ride.  Do not let what
other ppl say about you effect your riding.  it was really hard for me
when i was trying to get into eventing and everyone was so cruel.  From
what i can see so far, enduarance is not on the rider as much as it is on
the horse, BUT you do have to be fit enough to keep up with your horse.
You have to be able to post and not get sluggish in your posting or that
can effect your horse.  Work with your horse.  I personally, 1 to 2 times
a week, jog with my horse down the rd(i have a bad ankle from a bad break,
so it is good for my leg) You can be fat and be fit.  personally for me, i
do tons of chores and never lose weight.  I Clean stalls, take care of all
my animals(that about 100 of them) and somedays that i am not working, i
jog my friends standerdbreds, and i ride 1:35 mins every other day, and
sometimes more because we have more horses. So, do not let what other ppl
have to say, Because no matter what they say, it is what you feel about
your self and how well your horse carries you.  I have riden 16.3hh horses
that have gotten a sore back after i have riden them, and then i would
ride a 20+ yr old POA that was 13hh and he could carry me nooooooo
problem.  read what your horse is telling you and trust your horse and
yourself, not other ppls OPINIONS, because that is just what they are
OPINIONS, not words in stone.  And good luck on your riding.  Email me if
you would like to chat farther

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