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Re:am i hurting my horse

I am happy to become a endurance person, and i think all of the ppl on
ridecamp are just great.  When i used to show arabs when i was little(11)
now im 19, i had nothing but insults because i have always been heavey
set, and finding a job was hard, and when i would go for lessons, "are you
sure you can ride?"  would be the big question, or "are you sure you can
clean 10 stalls?"  I would always laugh at them and think, now im sure not
going to work/take lessons from you because of the fact that you do not
appresiate me, so why would i work for them.  Then, i went to this
boarding place and they did eventing.  They all laughed at me and my pony
and said i was to fat to do eventing.  Well my hackels came up and i
wanted to prove them wrong.  But in my journey to prove thousands of small
minded wrong, i lost track of what i thought was fun.  Fun was taking my
pony mare out on a nice ride for 1/2/3 hrs or more, exploring and
searching for new areas, and just have fun.  Me and my pony became
different to one another, she likes to jump, but not like that, i like to
jump, but not like that, and everything i would go to an event to watch to
learn or voleenteer, i would get nothing but jibs.  Then i started my new
job, and started looking at things on endurance that i thought it would be
fun.  I had posted many adds on eventing forums and either got no response
or they didn't know anything or they would say rude things.  So when i
posted a simple response on here, i had nothing but great ppl helping me.
Everyone needs to have a chance at something.  To me, after all the greif
i have had, i just ignore it now because there will still always be that
one person that does not agree with you.  But, if you are happy with
yourself, then no matter what anyone else says, it wont crush you.  It
also helps to have someone supporting you and being behind you.  My mom
was there for me all the time, plus my wonderful farriere.  He does a
great job with my horse and he is great for encouragement.  It was nice to
have someone like him, because he showed me not everyone was like that.
He races standarbreds, and offered me a job jogging his race horses and
getting them ready got the track, and it was great encouragment, because
we jog them for 8 miles every day.  So, Anyone who is fatter and want to
ride, just do it, because its how you feel when you ride that matters, now
how everyone else feels.  Good luck, and hope to chat with you ppl some

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