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Re: RC: Re:am i hurting my horse

My first thing to tell you, is DO NOT LISTEN TO OTHER PPL WHEN THEY SAY
YOU ARE TO FAT TO RIDE YOUR HORSE!!  Many ppl think that horses are
delicate creatures that need to have a tiny rider on them and look fancy.

It is not the height of the horse but its sturdiness that determines their weight carrying ability.  My horses are 14.1, 14.1 and 14. even.  They are an arab, a TWH and a mustang.  They are all sturdy enough to carry a heavyweight, which I am, and they do just fine.  I do find, however, that they do recover slower when I am riding them and faster when my 80 lbs. junior is riding them.  They all have short heavy canons and are extremely sturdy.   Maryben  

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