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Re: RC: RE: Men in tights...

Jim Beidle wrote:
> I have a couple pair of DevonAire Cool Cotton Men's
> breeches that I have used for about a year, now, since
> I got back on horses. Best money I've spent so far,
> since I got them for around $50. 

I love the DevonAire Cool Cotton breeches, although my favorite pair is
the full seat OnCourse Cotton Naturals.  They both get a wee bit soggy
when they're wet, though (in the heat I don't mind it but in the rain
it's nasty) so if the weather is bad I'll go with a synthetic pair.

Of course, I still have the problem of the way I smell at the Stop &
Shop, but usually changing my footwear helps that.  People don't look
askance at women in breeches the way they do the fellas.

-Abby B

* * *
Abby Bloxsom
ARICP Certified Instructor
Level III Recreational and Distance Riding
Colebrook, CT USA

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