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RE: Men in tights...

Years ago I used to wear jeans on trail rides (not
even endurance or LD) and would get serious rubs and
boils from it...not to mention rubbing all the hair
off of or into my legs. I put up with it because I was
pretty ignorant, figgered that was just the way it had
to be. 

I'm glad I listened when I got back into riding.

I have a couple pair of DevonAire Cool Cotton Men's
breeches that I have used for about a year, now, since
I got back on horses. Best money I've spent so far,
since I got them for around $50. They've held up to
blackberry brambles, pouring rain, beet pulp, horse
sweat and all that stuff extremely well. I find them
to be comfortable and if folks at Top Food stare is
probably more because I smell "horsey" than because
I'm wearing tights ;-)

We got drenched this weekend and my legs were pretty
comfortable. Found out that cotton jockey's aren't the
best way to go in this weather tho'. Maybe

Go with breeches, tights or anything else that doesn't
have an inside seam. You'll be much happier that way.
I like my breches because they have a fly...I don't
have to let it *all* hang out at the breaks.

Jim Beidle

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