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The Childhood of Endurance riders/Angies's story

Heh heh, great stories Angie. When I was about 12, I used to take care of horses for people at the local stable, and did grooming and exercising etc. Before you know it, I had about 8 horses at my disposal. And to think I was not allowed by my dad to ride horses, as I might break my neck. Him being a former CC Corp cowboy during WWII, was sent along with some other boys to a ranch in New Mexico to work cattle, while the men went to war. Kinda like John Wayne and the movie, "The Cowboys".  So he knew the pitfalls of riding! But his mistake was, that I had the horse gene...bad. He told me if I did my chores  all week, I could go to the rental stable on Saturday for an hour.  Hello, I knew what a plug was at the age of 12! I figured (logically) that if I rode my 8 horses all week, and got in trouble on Saturday, it was a better deal.  I was never allowed lessons, but snuck up on the rich kids, and eavesdropped on their lessons.  Ha..the trainer knew, he gave me 3 horses to work. We had an old pony that was made to jump, an old show mare, a bad quarter horse gelding who used to run away, a barrel racer, a couple arabs, two tennesee walkers (matching black), an arab yearling, a palomino yearling--destined for the rose parade, a green mustang, two bad matching rearing shetlands,  a 16.3 jumping pinto, a jumping TB off the track, and my very very favorite, a 16.3 Jet Black Polo pony, thoroughbred, named Blue. Blue set the standard by which all other horses have been measured.  He was too tall for me to saddle as were most of the horses, plus I didn't have a saddle except for one the trainer got at Santa Anita from the jockeys. It had duct tape on it, and that was the kids' English saddle.  I used to take Blue with my girl friends to the highschool track and race (bareback)! He was like a jet rocket blasting off. We also raced on the dirt road along the street (now paved), on this big flat flood drainage "plateau", (now developed), and up a long dirt road leading to a ranch (Now built with houses).  Ah what a childhood. It was heaven.  

Beth Glover (p.s I guess that's more than 8)

>From: Rides 2 Far
>Subject: RC: Angie's article...question for you...
>Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2001 22:08:37 -0500
> > I really enjoyed your article in Trail Blazer and especially enjoyed
>the pictures. My question is how did you get that little pony to rear
>like that? Was it on que?
>Thanks. :-) I was pretty excited to see the cover and the photos inside.
>I've never had my picture in there before this time. Anybody want to give
>me your copy? I have a BIG family :-P
> On the rearing, yes I trained my pony to do that...big mistake. My dad
>had a picture of him on his horse when he was a kid, and it was rearing
>up. I told him I was going to train Apache to and he just said, "You'll
>wish you didn't" and left it at that. He was right. I generally raced
>her about 20 times a day with my 3 best friends' ponies. I could say,
>"On your mark, get set" and she'd sort of crouch, then I'd say "GO!" and
>she'd take off. We'd always win. Then I started saying "On your mark,
>get set, On your mark, get set..." and holding her back. She finally got
>frustrated and sort of popped up and I let her go. Finally I could say
>"On your mark, get set" and she'd rear, then I'd say "GO!". It slowed
>down her takeoff in the races considerably, and I also discovered that
>rearing is a form of balking and she learned to use it against me. She
>was still a great pony though. She used to jump a cane pole resting on 2
>garbage cans...and I'd be "no hands with my eyes closed".
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