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Re: Equi-pak, Equithane

    The photo essay was done by Lucy on my experiments with it and should
still be on the Tevis web page, then Lucy's coverage of the 1999 Tevis.
Also the RC archives of June or July 2000 should have a extensive report by
me about my experiences using it on 4 horses at the 5 day June XP ride.

    But a summary of my experience now.
There are 2 products available, Equithane hoof pak    and   Hoof It 2

   I am still using both, there are differences but I suppose the edge goes
to hoof it 2 based on price.

     Both products are temperature sensitive, I try to keep equithane in my
LQ so the temp stays around 70 degrees F.  If so it sets up pretty quickly,
but even at 40 degrees it should have set up in a couple minutes, so I
wonder if it was defective?  The sole must be clean and dry.  Your problem
sounds a little like the mixing tip attachment. I cut the end off as
instructed, then I open up the holes with my awl before attaching the tip,
that way I get a good flow from both sides of the tube and don't have to
squeeze so hard.  I cover with duct tape now before putting the foot down so
ocks don't get stuck in it while still soft.

   The hoof it 2 is mixed in a cup and poured into the foot, it works best
around 60 degrees F. I use duct tape as a form and pour into the foot thru a
small hole, then form it like putty as it sets up.  You can buy this at the
convention and I plan to stock up again. Buy the pro packs and it works out
to about $5.00 per foot.

   I will be applying it on the friday before 20 MT 100 miler if you are
going to be at that ride, assuming you live close to Ridgecrest Calif. USA.
Many others are using it now, I saw Fred Beahm using it, I know the Dykes
use it, the Nice's use it.

   Hope this helps

Jim Mitchell

> Ray O.
>   I too am looking for info on this.There was once a series of photos from
(Tevis?)posted on Endurance-net,in which an experienced user showed and
explained his methods for working with this stuff.Can we get searching
directions to this? I made one hell of a mess three weeks ago on my first
try with that stuff,but some of what actually went into the sole is still
there,so it wasn't a total loss.The stuff would NOT set up in less than
twenty minutes,in 40 degree weather.My farrier thought all this was pretty
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