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Gastric Ulcer Study

Carol Hoeft
I am participating in a study through Comstock Larg Animal
Hospital in Reno Nv. for Gastric Ulcers in endurance horses.
This study is free to us, they scop the horse, do bloodwork
and a good thorough exam. They need horses that are competing
and are away from home for 3 days, as are most of our rides.
One of my horses coliced twice last year once at start of year
and second time end of year, with lots of 50s and one 100 mile
with out a problem. We dont seem to know what caused the colic
so I will try anything. They need about 25 more horses. If you
would like to particpate in the study call Amy at 775-849-0120
she will send you all the info.

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