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Re: RC: That photo essay re Equi-pak

You have a good memory.  Those photos were of Jim Mitchell -- I've also got 
photos of him at one of the XP's using that stuff.  You can find the link here:  (link is way down at the bottom)


At 09:48 AM 02/01/2001 -0800, wrote:
>Ray O.
>   I too am looking for info on this.There was once a series of photos 
> from (Tevis?)posted on Endurance-net,in which an experienced user showed 
> and explained his methods for working with this stuff.Can we get 
> searching directions to this? I made one hell of a mess three weeks ago 
> on my first try with that stuff,but some of what actually went into the 
> sole is still there,so it wasn't a total loss.The stuff would NOT set up 
> in less than twenty minutes,in 40 degree weather.My farrier thought all 
> this was pretty funny....
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