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Re: schooling, conditioning, etc....

Tina Hicks wrote:

> Truman, I agree with your post but did have to ask you about this from your
> post (which is pasted below):
> But if my goal were a marathon (to continue with your analogy) I wouldn't
> be jogging 5 to 10 miles 3x's a week, I'd be doing some program aimed for
> getting me ready for a marathon, right? So then doing the marathon
> shouldn't be a huge (possibly negative) shock to the system, right?

First of all many years ago when I was running I came to the conclusion that
anyone that would run in a competitive event that covered more than a mile
unless someone was chasing them should really consider counceling :-). But if my
goal were to attemp a marathon (which I've done two in my life) I would work up
to this distance using shorter competitions, also increasing my training level
as I went.

> -Tina - who has NO plans of ever running a marathon or anything close to it.
> Truman wrote:
> Also if you were going out and jogging 5 to 10 miles three times a week,
> would you start in a marathon? If the first ride is a bad experience, like
> he is tired and sore afterwards because 50 miles is a long way, would he be
> real anxious to go do it again?

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