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Re: RC: Car Camping

> Jane Kushy:
> ...I'd be interested in hearing
> from those of you that camp in your cars/trucks.
> How to you stay warm in cool weather?


If I go to rides on my own, I sleep across the bench seat 
of my truck.

We just recently bought a new (used) truck ('98 GMC extended
cab 4x4) and made sure that the front seats were bench for 
this reason. While we were shopping, I "test laid" many bench 
seats in all sorts of trucks. The newer ones aren't nearly
as comfy, having more ergonomically shaped seats for sitting 
in - much lumpier for lying on <grin>.

I'm only 5'2", so it works well for me - I can just about
lie straight across. I have a sleeping bag, and a fleece
blankie. I wear a woolly hat to keep my ears cosy and
am very comfy. I used this set up for a Nevada ride (when
I woke up there was ice on the windscreen) and for a couple
of nights at Death Valley (OK, not freezing, but it was
New Year).

(I actually have a small dressing room in my trailer which is
big enough to sleep in (your feet go under the manger) but 
prefer the truck. The dressing room isn't that warm - I need 
to insulate the walls - touching bare metal in the night is
not pleasant.)

I keep a box of "wet ones", or whatever those wipes are
called, for "bathing" in the morning.

The only snag of this, is the one time I used it in 
Auburn after Tevis -  Mike Maul came past in the morning 
lugging his saddle, and rested it on the front of my truck.
I woke up from the bump and popped up. Mike scuttled off. I 
saw you, Mike! (he didn't know it was me).  :)

Rides 2 Far wrote:
> Worst part to me was the light in my eyes.  My eyelids must be clear. I
> can't stand *any* light.  100's are usually held on full moons and the
> light kept me awake until I learned to sleep with a black t-shirt draped
> over my eyes.

Angie needs to get tireder. I've never had this problem. :))
Stay up later, Angie. Ride slower. Be colder and pull the 
fleece blankie over your head to keep your nose warm.

> I sleep in the front seat of a pickup if alone.  Lay the seats all the
> way back and take the time to stuff the seatbelt buckles behind the seat
> or you'll regret it.

agreed! This is a must.

>  Raise the tilt wheel.  Ahhh, home sweet home.

Exactly. You even have your own lil' reading light.

Lucy Chaplin Trumbull -
Repotted english person in Garden Valley (Sierra Foothills), CA 

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