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Insurance for Sold Horse

I live in Massachusetts and bought a horse from Maine last spring.  The 
horse was about 150 miles from me.  My local vet wouldn't go that far to vet 
a horse, but I was lucky that Rochester Equine Clinic in NH was about 1/2 
from the sellers house.  I wouldn't buy the horse unless it had a rigorous 
vet check since I was planning to 50's and up on this horse, and he had 
raced his entire life (he was 9 when I bought him).  I knew the horse was 
sound and so did the seller, so when the day for the vet check came, I went 
up with a trailer, we threw the horse on the trailer and the seller, my 
husband and I went to Rochester.  She had no issue with this since she came 
along, and this worked great for me because I could get a great vet check 
including the x-rays that I wanted that I would have had difficulty getting 
with an on the farm vet check.  The horse vetted better than we expected, no 
issues at all even after a 9 year racing history.

I would under no circumstances allow my horse off the property until 
everything that the sale was contingent on was completed.

Carolyn Burgess

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