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Re: Where to "Vet", Terms of Sale


Hello... sounds like you've had a bit to contend with!  Most folks I 
know who have purchased an out-of-area horse have first found out who 
the horse's vet is, and then finds any other vet in the area to go 
out and do a pre-purchase exam on their behalf.  Delaware isn't all 
that far from Virginia, and I would insist that she have the vet of 
her choice come to where the horse is to do the exam before 
proceeding forward with any of the other terms of sale.  Sounds like 
you'd have too much of a case of Your-Word-Against-Hers type of thing 
should he arrive lame, dehydrated, etc., and is just asking for 
trouble that way.  I'd say keep it simple, and if she wants to buy 
the horse, she'll be able to find a competent vet in the area who 
would be happy to do a pre-purchase exam on him - on her behalf.

I'm looking forward to what the others have to say about this... 
we're looking at getting a horse from Illinois (we're in Oregon), and 
will have to find a vet to do the same thing for us.  For those who 
have had a lot more experience in buying/selling out-of-area horses, 
let us know what other things should be taken into consideration.

Kindest Regards,

Tracey Ritter 
Portland, OR  (soon to be Camas, WA)

"She of course wants her own vet to pronounce him 
sound, which I understand, and the sale won't be complete until that 
process is finished. She wants to transport him to her home and have 
him vetted there...."

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