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Re: RC: Insurance for shipping a just sold horse

$300 is a good price for insurance and the owners are covered for a year. 
Convince the buyer to purchase the insurance; it really should have been 
part of your sale package.
When I bought my horse, I was obliged to purchase the insurance during the 
time I was paying off the seller. If something had happened the insurance 
would pay each of us our portions of the equity. As an example: Purchaser 
has paid $1000 of the total $5000. If a claim situation happened $1000 would 
go to the purchaser and $4000 would go to the seller.

This is also a good way to keep from being ripped off as both buyer and 

Lisa LeChatton
Garland, Tx

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Subject: RC:  Insurance for shipping a just sold horse
Date: Tue, 6 Nov 2001 12:55:06 EST

Hey Ridecampers, I really need some advice.
I know this is not really endurance related, but I am coming up with nothing
on searches on the net, so I hope someone can help me.
I just sold my 3 year old Morgan gelding. I live in Virginia and the
purchaser lives in Deleware. She of course wants her own vet to pronounce 
sound, which I understand, and the sale won't be complete until that process
is finished. She wants to transport him to her home and have him vetted
there. I am concerned about liability should something happen on the road or
while he is awaiting the vetting. Who should be responsible for the 
on him in this case? All the insurance companies I've queried about this 
to think that I would need to take out Mortality and Loss of Use policies,
which would amount to a minimum of $300.00. I don't carry any insurance on 
horses at this time, as I don't particularly like the amount of control the
insurance companies have as to what I have to do with my horse should
something happen. I don't have expensive show horses, just good, dependable
trail mounts. I sold this guy for all of $3000.00, so what are my options?
I'm sure someone out there has dealt with this problem before, so if you 
some good advice you can email me privately at
Thanks in advance,
Linda Parsons
Dreamweaver Morgans

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