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Re: Car Camping (Chrysler & Saturn style)

Well, I've only car-camped when going to the horse-related trade shows
(Equine Affaire, Equitana, etc.), and at one ride that I drove 7 hours to
just basically to watch them leave through the rain and fog.

I kinda like it. Every year, I say "I'm gonna get a nice hotel this year",
but when it comes down to it, I never do. I save at least $100 I'm sure, and
I'm quite comfy. They always let me park in the car lot, so I don't pay the
camping fee.

First year I went to Equine Affaire, it was very cold, frost on the
windshield in the morning. This past spring (in Ohio), it was downright a
bit too warm!

I run a clothsline around the inside of the car to form a curtain and hang
either polar fleece fabric
in cool weather, or sheets/bug netting combo in warm weather (bug net over
the sunroof). For the windshield privacy, use one of those snow shields you
put on the outside that suction cup to the inside of the windshield, or a
sun shade. All depends on how much privacy you like. I like for nobody to be
able to tell that I'm in there, as I feel it is safer (I'm camping in
basically a huge public parking lot, as opposed to a ride camp).

I sleep right in the front seat, kicked back and laid as far down as it will
go. A firm pillow in the angle of the seat helps to "flatten" out your "bed"
even more. If your car is standard trans, don't forget to set the parking
brake! I leave the keys in the ignition, and my trusty knife along with a
big, mean Crescent wrench keep me company (cuz you never know...). This is
the only thing that makes me hesitate on a truck tent. My cell phone is "On"
all night.

From there on, it's pretty much like "regular" camping. Since I'm at a trade
show, I eat most of my meals there, but I do keep food, drink and wash water
in my car. Also female urinal, as I don't like to use the public facilities.
I have cooked on a small grill and a campstove, of course, they stay outside
the car after I'm done. My food cooler stays outside under the car during
the day in the summer to help keep it cooler.

Bring a suitable sleeping bag, lighter blankie, space blankie. Heat up some
water and put it in your bag to help warm it up (a big soda bottle, wrapped
in a towel). Extra clothes, long johns, etc. You know, all that stuff.

I sleep lighter than normally, but that's ok. I'm only going shopping! Then
wake up, breakfast, hand wash, makeup and hair (cordless curling irons!). I
keep Everything I need with me inside the car. Only things to go in the
trunk are dirty clothes, etc.

The Saturn was a little small and cramped for sleeping, the Chrysler is
pretty darn comfy. I figured I have saved close to $1000 over the years in
hotel fees and expensive meals. Not too bad.

Hope This Helps -

Cheryl in WNY

> I'm a newbie who does not have the luxury of a gooseneck trailer with
> living quarters.  I have considered
> camping in the back of my Ford Expedition.  I'd be interested in hearing
> from those of you that camp in your cars/trucks.    Are there other
helpful hints you are willing to
> send my way??
> Thanks for your ideas.  >
> Jane Kushy
> Wake Forest, NC

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