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Re: keeping feet warm & dry in rain?

Hi Karen -
For gaiters, I wear knee-length Gore-tex gaiters by Outdoor Research ($50). Wool socks (I don't wear the polypro liner socks). Sorel pacs for boots in the deep snow. I have a new pair of Mountain Horse Rimfrost paddock boots, but have not tried them yet. I don't like tall boots as I find them too confining. Use heat packs in your boots, at least carry them on you in case you need them. Most important, be sure your boots are not too snug or your feet will get cold fast, and that they do not have a steel shank. You may need a wider stirrup also, although the Easy Rides do accomodate the pacs well.
I ride all winter, and I am pretty comfy in this set-up.
Hope this helps -
Cheryl in WNY
Horse Kids Kit, Bobby & Dani
Having cold, wet feet makes me miserable... how do you keep your feet warm and dry when riding in COLD rain? Thanks for any suggestions,

Karen Bratcher
Athol, Idaho

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