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Re: RC: Keeping Feet Warm and Dry

--- Carolyn Burgess <>
> My
> definition of water proof is that 
> I can step into 8" of water and not a drop of water
> gets through.

Now, if I can find a boot that isn't sucked off my
foot in that black, slurpy mud we get in the spring!

I HATE balancing on one foot trying to get my first
boot out of the mud & back on my foot, then do the
other foot, then repeat,...  You get the picture.

For staying dry, I ordered an extra long Outback
Oilskin coat in a larger size than I needed + a liner.
 I wear a ski jacket under that.  The oilskin jacket
covers me to mid calf.  I wear smooth leather (NOT
suede) gaiters that I put lots of mink oil into to
keep then water repellant.  I use polar fleece tights
that keep me warm even if they do get wet/damp.

My best idea to stay dry is to only ride if the rain
changes to snow or (better yet) to clean stalls & go
inside for some hot chocolate until the weather turns!


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