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Keeping Feet Warm and Dry

I live in New England where our winters STINK! But I need to ride all winter 
to keep my horses in shape and to keep from going insane.  I have two pair 
of boots that I use: a pair of Sorels and a pair of LL Bean duck boots 
(well, that's what I call them, rubber bottom, leather top).  The Sorels 
have a felt liner that is removable (which I never remove) and they are good 
down to about 10 degrees F at keeping your feet toasty warm, even lower with 
a good pair of wool socks.  They are waterproof all the way to the top of 
the boot.  They are a rubber bottom and nylon top.  The LL Bean boots are my 
favorite, they are good to about 10 degrees F as well, waterproof boots 
also.  The LL Bean boots fit better than the Sorels, but I got a pair of 
ladies Sorels, and mens LL Beans. I also have a big, wide foot (11 EEE), so 
men's stuff tends to be wide enough.  Neither pair of boots were cheap, both 
were close to $100, but it is well worth the money to not be in agony over 
cold feet.  However, make sure that you don't get a pair that have a steel 
shank or steel toe.  That will radiate the cold into your feet.  I know, I 
got a pair of duck boots with a steel shank and I can't stand them.

I have a girl friend who bought the Ariat winter tall boots from Dover 
Saddlery ( and loves them.  I find that the Ariat 
Expedition winter boots, while very nice, are good only to about 30 degrees 
F and are leather and not water proof.  My definition of water proof is that 
I can step into 8" of water and not a drop of water gets through.

Carolyn Burgess

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