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Re: keeping feet warm & dry in rain?

Stateline tack...has a tall winter boot made in Sweden that is just with wide feet too....Product # 2L650837 $64.95 ---- ....Cora
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Sent: Tuesday, November 06, 2001 7:07 AM
Subject: RC: keeping feet warm & dry in rain?

Well I've decided I have to try a(t least one) 50 next year, so I need to keep riding through winter... though in northern Idaho and with my work schedule, I'll be lucky if that's once or twice a week til around the spring equinox.  Unless I want to ride in pitch black night.  

Having cold, wet feet makes me miserable... how do you keep your feet warm and dry when riding in COLD rain?  I have a rubber-coated riding slicker, but it only covers halfway down my calves.  Are there any tall, comfortable, waterproof riding boots available in WIDE size?  I take a EE width and that's hard to find in any kind of footgear.  Or maybe I should just add some length to my slicker and wear calf-high galoshes over my shoes?  Waterproof gaiters and galoshes?

Thanks for any suggestions,

Karen Bratcher
Athol, Idaho

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