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Re: Condensation in Trailer

We use an aluminum stock trailer for going to rides.  We've done up the
front section into very nice LQs.  We carpeted the ceiling of our sleeping
area by gluing it on.  Had some trouble at first, as double-sided carpet
tape just doesn't do it.  Even some of our glue didn't work.  While having
the trailer worked on one time, the mechanic glued it back on for us, but I
don't know what he used.  It seems to be working.

Barbara McCrary

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From: "Drin Becker" <>
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Sent: Monday, November 05, 2001 2:28 PM
Subject: RC: Condensation in Trailer

> I have a 2 horse gooseneck with small unfinished living quarters , I
> a safe propane heater for my trailer after my friends and I almost froze
> death at the XP this fall , how did you guys who finished off your own
> living quarters insulate the roof to keep from getting condensation ?
> glueing carpet to the ceiling work or do I need something between the
> and the carpet ? If so how would a person attach it ? I appreciate any
> you can give me on this .
>                                                   Drin Becker
>                                                   Mtn. Region
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