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Camping in your Ford Expedition

I've camped in the back of my Ford Expedition with my husband at my first 
overnight ride, which is why I now have a goose neck with small living 
quarters in it.  A full size air mattress is almost a perfect fit in the 
back with the third seat gone and the rear seat folded down.  However, a 
word of warning when sharing an air mattress with someone else; you want 
them to weigh approximately the same as you do.  My husband is somewhat 
heavier than I am and every time he moved, he bounced me off the mattress.   
So to say the least, besides freezing in the back of the car, I didn't sleep 
much.  I'd do it again, but alone next time.  Or if I was going to have 
company, it would be on my nice innerspring mattress in my gooseneck 

Carolyn Burgess

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