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Fighting Ruins Rides

Interesting reading that entry about Coso Junction and others like it .  It occurs to me that we all  originally started out as kids like this; 
        " Wow, I like horses!"  "I like people who like horses!" "I like being around horses!"
Later it went to these changes;  " I ONLY  like quarter horses/Arabs/warmbloods/pintos/ brown horses, grey horses/ big ones, little ones, fat ones, skinny ones, endurance horses, show horses, cow horses, trail horses, jumping horses"     AND   "I ONLY like people who- show, show english, show western, show trail, do real trail, competitive trail, endurance, wear helmets, don't wear helmets, are lightweight, are heavyweight, " etc etc etc
WE ALL are horse people who are like little fish in a bowl, chasing each other around and around, with developers and politicians who are like big bad cats armed with sledgehammers waiting to smash our bowls, and eat us alive.  
Let us all  be aware, be careful, stick together, mutate into bigger fish, Piranhas even, and bite the cats!   Beth  Glover

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