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Endurance heavyweight (horse)

Rebecca Supinger
I'm hoping some of you can help me with a problem I never thought I would
face.  I turned my back for a second and my endurance horse who is
normally a pretty hard keeper, has turned into the Goodyear blimp!  I
don't know how it happened.  He has run 6 races so far this season and
although we have had our share of "interesting" trail trials he has been
doing a wonderful job!  Suddenly I am having problems with saddle fit due
to pockets of fat on either side of his barrel, and he seems to have a
neck crest hump that would feed a small herd.  I am hoping someone can
tell me something more than the obvious things to do (more riding, less
food).  How much can I safely cut back the food intake for a horse that is
in training for one more 100 mile ride this month?  This horse is turned
out 24/7 on an 8 acre grassy pasture with three other horses.  He gets
occasional hay to snack on and for a week or two pre-ride, and 2 pounds
each of equine senior(yes he is) and a 10% sweet feed twice daily. Trust
me he could do just fine if his next meal wasn't until pre-ride on
Thanksgiving but I would not want to get him that pissed off and then tell
him he has 100 miles to get his revenge on me.  Any advice would be
Becky and Bacardi(space for rent)

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