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Re: RC: Endurance heavyweight (horse)

At 09:06 AM 11/05/2001 -0800, you wrote:
>Suddenly I am having problems with saddle fit due
>to pockets of fat on either side of his barrel, and he seems to have a
neck crest hump that would feed a small herd.  I

Becky --- you should consult with your vet, and maybe have a thyroid test 
done just to rule that out.  The cresty neck would make me question whether 
or not this horse is just an "easy keeper".

   How much can I safely cut back the food intake for a horse that is
>in training for one more 100 mile ride this month?  This horse is turned
>out 24/7 on an 8 acre grassy pasture with three other horses.  He gets
>occasional hay to snack on and for a week or two pre-ride, and 2 pounds
>each of equine senior(yes he is) and a 10% sweet feed twice daily.

I have this problem with my horses.  You can cut out the equine senior and 
the sweet feed completely.  If he is eating so much pasture that he stays 
fat, you could remove him for several hours a day to a dry lot or paddock 
where he can't eat constantly.  Let him eat all the hay he wants before the 
ride --I don't think you need to be giving anything other than that, 
especially if he is already overweight.  I will give maybe 2 pounds of a 
grain feed the night before a ride.

Speaking from limited experience (my 2 horses), over time -- their 
metabolisms have changed.  They need less food to maintain their body 
condition.  It does become a problem in the winter when they are less 
active due to weather, shorter days and not as many rides to go to.

Good luck on your 100!

Happy trails,

in NV
& Rocky
& Weaver

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