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Re: Thoughts on Nat Champs & ROC

While I would leave the decision of whether to return to the old method of
acknowledging the National Champion up to the membership, I agree with
Maryben, wholeheartedly.  I also remember the names of many of the past NC
riders, but can't give you the name of one since we went to the present
system.  This goes for the division of riders into so many weight divisions,
as well.


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> Was the original "Trailer Race" better?  Well...if you live in a part of
> the country where you can do a race every weekend of the year I guess it
> was...but it still didn't prove they were the "Best endurance horse in
> the country".
> But it did a lot better job of it, in my opinion.  I can remember the
names of 6-8 national champions in the 80's.  Becky Hart, Darolyn, Elwin
Wines, Hanne Hollander, Tracy Slater, Brenda Reudy, Marny Nance, and a
bunch.  I have to admit I cannot name one national champion this year.  And
I have never understood the term trailer race.  Is it not better than having
to trailer 2-3,000 miles to go to one race?  I don't know but it is a never
ending debate.  I know that I for one and a lot of people I have talked to
would like it to go back to the old system.  Doubt that it would happen
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