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RE: BOD Meeting Topics

The insurance policy for rides is still available through AERC - it will not
be cancelled at the end of the month. This topic will be discussed at the
BOD meeting. The previous decision to cancel was made by the AERC office,
not the BOD. Since there are now concerns that other organizations (e.g.
IAHA ) may no longer offer affordable insurance policies the entire subject
is being researched and will be addressed. Ride managers need to be able to
purchase affordable ride insurance.


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Sent: Tuesday, October 30, 2001 7:35 PM
Subject: RC: BOD Meeting Topics

Karen Nelson
While there is good discussion going on regarding the various topics
coming before the BOD in the mext meeting in Nov, I would like to see more
input from members regarding the fact that in 31 days, AERC is no longer
insuring ride managers and rides.  IMO, without insurance, there will be
no rides, and without rides, there will be no AERC.  I believe it is
mandatory for a ride to be insured, and I haven't learned yet WHY RM's can
no longer get insurance thru AERC.

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