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Re: RC: Re: RE: NC ride


I attended the Annual Meeting at the Convention last year....was there
the whole time. Maybe I misunderstood....Thought Bob was referring to
the Board Meeting next month.

As to the NCR, the membership voted on this.  IMHO opinion, that means
that we, the membership, want AERC to spend time and effort supporting
and publicizing it. From my perspective, that means at least not
profiting from it, and providing some type of recogition.  

I'm sure the ride WILL be self supporting, but increasing the rider fee,
billing the Ride to use "AERC", etc. is not supportive.  That's sounds
like an attempt to make it fail.

Different types of awards are important to different riders, and I have
no problem with any of those you mentioned, but a lot of those don't
apply to many of us...we simply can't play there. 

I say again, the membership voted to have a NCR....which requires AERC
to support it.  Because of that fact, even if I never get to ride in
another one, I will still just as adamantly support it. 

If you and others would like to see an overall points champion, lets get
it out there and see how much support there is for that.  I have no
problem with recognizing that.

Jim, Sun of Dimanche and Mahada Magic

Heidi Smith wrote:
> > Maybe so...but attending the Annual Meeting is not practical for most of
> > us. It's difficult enough to find the time and $$$ to attend the
> > Convention. I've only managed to do that once.
> Jim, the Annual Meeting is AT the Convention.  What is sad is how many
> people come to convention and don't bother to come to the Annual Meeting.
> And on the topic of the NC ride--sorry, but the NC ride does NOT represent
> ALL endurance riders (have to agree with Kat here), and as such, I really
> don't care to fund it.  AERC did not subsidize rides back when the NC was a
> cumulation of points for all season--all they did was buy year-end awards.
> There are a great many "championships" within AERC, and I strongly support
> AERC offering awards for those championships--mileage, family, stallion
> mileage, pioneer, BC, etc.  To a great many of us, those are the "real"
> champions--not the winners of one ride.  I have no problem with AERC
> offering a "championship" in a single-ride format, PROVIDED they keep in
> mind that that "champion" is only the "champion" of that one format, and
> that it is something that has meaning only to those members who desire that
> sort of a format.  A great many of us wish AERC would still recognize an
> overall points champion (as they used to), even if this award would no
> longer be billed as "THE" AERC Champion.  There was no need to "kill" this
> award, just to set up other formats.
> That said, I support AERC buying awards for the NC ride, but beyond that, it
> needs to stand on its own merits, just like any other ride.
> Heidi (who chaired the 1997 Pan-Am Championship, with a budget over
> $100,000, and it came out in the black.  If we can do it, they can, too.)
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