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Manure Compost in the Garden

I don't use manure compost as 'fertilizer'.  I use it as SOIL.  I dig out the impossible indigenous clay and replace it with 100% highly-composted earthworm-laden endurance-bred Arabian manure [note endurance reference].  It's fabulous.  I don't use fertilizer.  Results are proven in my landscape. 
Don't tell my plants about Dr. Gardiner's chemical analysis, they might start demanding that I purchase some expensive fertilizer and expend effort to apply it. 
We got horses, we got poop.  Making compost is effortless.  It's a shame to waste it.  I could probably sell it if I wasn't so greedy about keeping it for myself.  Note that there is a big difference between dried poop and composted poop.  If you want more info on E-Z composting techniques send me a private e-mail.  Garden tour by appointment. 
Tina Rushing 
El Granada, CA 
("Who told the ferns about Miracle Gro?!")
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From: Linda B. Merims []
Sent: Friday, October 12, 2001 7:55 AM
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Subject: RC: Re: Waste :) Measuring the Equine By-Product

Margaret Gardiner, one of the great dames of Morgandom, once had
a chemical analysis done on horse manure (she's got a masters in
Chemistry).  She claims its value as fertilizer is a paltry 1-1-1.
(Which, incidentally, actually is important to know when you've got
conservation commissions and forest rangers griping about
how you dispose of your manure and how close a trail can be
to natural ponds.)
I'd love to see these figures confirmed by Envirohorse or some
other horse advocacy group.
Linda B. Merims
(straining to make this endurance-related :-)
Massachusetts, USA
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From: Tina Rushing
To: ridecamp ;
Sent: Friday, October 12, 2001 1:10 AM
Subject: RC: Waste :) Measuring the Equine By-Product
Rough guess:  I think my horse produces .25 yards/day (disclaimer below). 
It is more compact after a year of composting.   
I compost my manure.  I just moved a 3-year accumulation of lovely manure compost. 
It was only 6 tractor scoops.  Loaded with earthworms.  Great for the garden. 

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