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re: Sandy's "fruit & nut" bleeding hearts

this is in response to Sandy's post...."don't forget, we in Lo Cal are a
stone's throw from every bleeding heart
 "all animals should be free" Fruit & Nut on the West coast." We look bad
just owning horses!
I do appreciate the context that this statement was made and also agree
that often these "bleeding hearts" can
take things too an extreme.  I have spent most of my adult life in a
country that has a VERY active Animal Rights
Group. I was never a member and took little notice of this group. 11 years
ago I moved and since then have lived
& traveled in a number of countries were "animal rights"  do not exist.!
When I moved I thought I might miss
 things like .....peanut butter or the likes! Well, what I have found is
that peanut butter does exist in all parts of
 the world but what I have missed to my surprise was the Animal Rights
Groups that I had learned to take for
granted for so many years of my life. In most cases people all over the
world love their animals but there is the
rare case were the animal is not always given the respect it deserves.
What I miss then is the finger tip ease to
dial a "fruit & nut" bleeding heart.

what I missed the most was the Animal Rights Groups!

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