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Re: Dixie Midnight V. Supracor?

Lucy C Trumbull said:
>> Sue Brown wrote:
>> I have 2 Dixie Midnight pads...  ...I use a Skito/sheepskin pad
>> on top of it which is a bit of a pain to wash on a regular basis so I
>> really like the "keeping the pad clean" part.
>Hmmm. This does sound appealing. Did you have any problems 
>with pad slippage? I have to tie my Skito to my SportSaddle, 
>to stop it "walking" out the back - would I have to tie the
>Dixie Midnight pad on too, d'you think?

I've ridden quite a few miles with the DM pad under a Skito pad with
sheepskin on the underside and have not really had any problems with the
pad creeping out the back.  In fact, I've had less problems in this area
than I had before with just the plain pad.  I rarely ever have to readjust
the layers during a ride.  A lot of this might be due to saddles being
custom for the horses...they don't move around (twisting, sliding, etc.)
and that may help keep the pads where they belong.  

>Would I regret having to faff with two layers of pad? (more 
>work than having to clean the Skito/Toklat?)

Okay...I need translation here. <g>  What's "faff"?

Keeping the Skito pad clean is so much easier with the DM pad
underneath...I only put it (the Skito pad) in the machine after several
rides instead of after every long ride. 

>Can anyone comment on how it might compare with the Supracor pad?
>I'm wondering if by using a Supracor pad, I could do away with 
>the Skito + inserts (under a SS)?

I don't own a Supracor ($$) but they're designed (as much as I can tell) to
be a solo pad.  I haven't heard any reports on how easy they are to
clean...and if adding a DM pad would help save the Supracor.  I've seen the
Supracor used as an insert...I would be interested in how it compares to
the Skito.
>I'm assuming that the Supracor pad would have similar 'let
>the sweat trickle out' and 'hose it off afterwards' properties
>as the Dixie M pad, but it also has the 'no bed sores' aspect
>which I don't think the Dixie M does?

No...I think that's how the Skito foam on top of the DM works.  The DM pad
looks like a giant Grooma mitt made into a pad with a smooth side and a
bumpy side.  The bumpy side goes down on the horse's back...which is
probably why it doesn't slide.  The sheepskin grips the smooth side well
also, helping keep the whole combo in place.


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