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Re: Shoeing Problem

Simple overreaching can be helped by shortening the front toes as much as
possible and squaring the hind a little - but most overreaching is just the
hind shoe hitting the front shoe- not actually hitting the leg.  I would got
back to square one with this horse's feet and map out the exact front of the
hoof using a tape, then map the lengths of the walls so you know you are
getting a balanced foot.

Laura Hayes

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Sent: Thursday, October 11, 2001 11:29 PM
Subject: Shoeing Problem

> " My farrier does not have much experience with correcting over reaching
> in horses. I know there is a lot of experienced riders and farriers on
> the list, so I told her I would ask the list for help. Can anyone help
> me?
>  Up till now, I had not been working my mare a lot. We took that ten
> mile
> ride last Sunday. That was the first time I saw any problems. She is
> just
> scraping her right fore foot with her hind. When I worked her this past
> Saturday, she really clipped herself good! I am getting a pair of bell
> boots tomorrow till we find out if it can be corrected with trimming.
> Our
> first ride is Saturday October 20 and I don't want to lose any training
> days!"
> My advice is on the next shoeing to have her  back toes squared off so
> the horse will break over faster.  This has worked on my short backed
> Arabian horses.  Bell boots are okay, but you should watch that they do
> not rub - especially where she has already scraped herself.
> Jan Jeffers
> AERC Board Candidate
> West Region

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