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Sore Ankles

It sounds like your fenders need to be turned so that the stirrups don't
rub on your ankles.   Wet the fenders and twist them back one and a half
times, then take a broomstick and put it through both stirrups.  When
the leather dries, take out broomstick and the stirrups should be set
then.  It may be a combination of the new saddle and the new horse.  Let
me know if this helps.

Jan Jeffers
AERC Board Candidate
 West Region
My new horse and I did her first endurance ride at Biltmore.  She did
fine and was
only limited by her rider.  I have never had trouble with my ankles
before - have ridden another horse 50 miles at Biltmore last year (in a
Desoto saddle) and my
old horse numerous miles for years without pain.

This is the first time I have ridden my new horse this long in my new (8
Desoto saddle and feel that it may be the stirrups.  Trotting really
bothered me - so much so that I got off to walk and when I did my ankles
collapsed and I ended up walking on the sides of my feet - got back on
after that experience.

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