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RE: RC Posts

karen standefer
The following post was posted without my permission.  It was part of a
private email to the poster and she does not have my permission to be
reprinting my private posts to this public domain.


Title: Re: RC Post
on 10/4/01 7:41 AM, Karen Standefer (Expedia) at

Trim her properly, condition her feet and she wonąt be ouchy on the rocks

Umm....I do. I think that some of you fail to realize where I live and
what I condition in. This is dry, rocky, mountainous land. These are not
nice trails. These trails will eat a bare horse's hooves in no time flat.
I ride and condition my mare just fine and for most situations she is
fine. If I wanted to ride this mare 40 miles a week on these trails the
shoes would have to go on. There are no absolutes for anyone. Not everyone
here lives where it is soft and green or even just dry and hard. I'm
talking rocks, lots of em.
I would never say all horses need shoes, so I find it equally ridiculous
that you say all horses do not.
come ride with me on a barefoot horse sometime-I bet you'll be looking for
some easyboots pretty quick.

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