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Re: RC: RE: RC Posts

on 10/4/01 9:51 AM, at wrote:

> karen standefer
> The following post was posted without my permission.  It was part of a
> private email to the poster and she does not have my permission to be
> reprinting my private posts to this public domain.
> Title: Re: RC Post
> on 10/4/01 7:41 AM, Karen Standefer (Expedia) at
> wrote:
> Trim her properly, condition her feet and she wonąt be ouchy on the rocks
> anymore.

I'm sure many of you are in the same boat, as my email looks like RC is RC
and is hard to delineate what is a private response and what is public. I
apologize for printing anything sent private, but really I had no idea it
wasn't a RC post. 

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