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Appropriate time/pace for 25 CTR

Hi guys!
After riding about 20 miles this weekend,(part of it was a 10 mile clinic)my calves and ankles were stiff and
sore for two days.At what pace would I be expected to keep up at a 25? I did alot of trotting and cantering,but I'm not sure I can keep that up for 4-5 hours.My horse is in great shape,excellent PR's.
If you do some walking will you still come in on time?BTW-I'm only 37,and I thought I was in good shape!
I'd love to hear how everyone breaks down their mileage. 
Also,to address the spin and spook issue-you have to spend hours with your horse,hopefully in the company of a quiet.sage buddy horse.My  prior Arab could do the spin in the company of other horses.I now have a Polish Arab that is pretty brave.
However,he can still jump to the side during a gallop!
Thanks in advance!
Sore in Florida

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