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looking for a way to get new horse from NE to TX

  Looks like I'm jumping on the new horse bandwagon. I
just bought a place of my own with 2 acres.....seems
like I have a little money leftover from my house loan
to get a pasture buddy for Daisy...hmmmm..funny how we
horse crazies seem to be able to find money to spend
on horses :) Lets deck for my house or a new
horse for my ya'll know this is a no

  Horror of horrors my new guy is a "silly Arab" and
of course a grey at that :o  Looks like ride campers
are rubbing off on me...I never thought I would see
the day when I would actually buy a non-paint, let
alone one of those "crazy Arabs" (hope you guys know
I'm kidding so no flaming here) My paint horse show
buddies will all disown me....sigh...already they
think I'm a bit looney for wanting to do endurance.

  Honestly I really want to do this endurance thing
and I am a realist to know that Daisy will be great
for CTR, fine for LD's but just isn't cut out for the
longer distances. So my reasoning is if I want to do
this sport I might as well get a horse that has been
bred to excel in it.

  My new guy is in Nebraska so I'm trying to figure
out a way to get him to me in Texas. Is anyone
planning on hauling from NE headed south? It doesn't
necessarily have to be all the way to Tx, I can meet
you part way. Of course it goes without saying I will
be happy to pay my fair share of fuel and hauling
related expenses.  On the flip side if I do end up
having to make the trip myself, does anyone need a
horse or two transported anywhere between east Texas
and Nebraska? I would have 2 holes open for the trip
up and one for the trip back.

Penny & Daisy

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