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Re: Re: Self Waterers/ Cold Climate

Cora wrote:
> With self water systems, you never "know" how much your horse drinks. You
> should really use a container, so that it can be measured, "daily"

Ah, but this assumes that all the horses are separated so that only one
horse can drink from a specific container.  Hey, I searched long and hard to
find a boarding situation where my gelding would be at pasture all the time
except to get feed & supplements twice daily in his very own stall.  I sure
don't want him isolated so that no other horse can drink from the same water

A good automatic waterer, in a stall, can be set so that the basin will not
automatically refill.  That way, if a horse is sick or injured, with stall
confinement ordered by the vet, you can use water buckets and know exactly
how much the horse is drinking.


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