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Fwd: RC: trailer weight

Hi Lisa: I bought a new trailer last year. When I went to register it with 
Dept of Motor Vehicles they told me to go and get it weighed. They didn't 
tell me to unload all the hay, saddles, tack and general junk. When I went 
back with the weight slip and it didn't come close to what the Manufacture 
said it was. Then I was informed I would be paying for ever more than I 
needed to each year for renewal license which is base on tare weight of the 
Trailer. I went home and unloaded everything and went back and had it 
weighed again. Make sure absolutely nothing is in the trailer before it is 
weighed.The license fee is based on the tare weight. In California they will 
not accept the Mfg. Tare weight.  I Don't know what other states do. Bye 
"odd farm" <>
>To: "RIDECAMP" <>, <>
>Subject: RC:  trailer weight
>Date: Wed, 3 Oct 2001 13:37:23 -0400
>  You can always take your trailer to a public scale for an accurate 
>weight. If it is quiet enough, like on a Saturday, they sometimes don't 
>mind if you bring a horse or two to be weighed. There is usually a small 
>fee. Some scrap yards have pull on scales also. My husband works in a scrap 
>yard and someone wanted to weigh a bull. So they bring this bull in, unload 
>him and he gets loose. Crane operators and welders instantly turned into 
>cowboys trying to catch or ride that bull. I am not sure if they ever got 
>the weight on the bull but I am sure the workers lost a few pounds trying 
>to catch him! Lisa Salas, The Odd fArm

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