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New Horse

Gosh Bob, we're almost in the same boat! Ash was born and
raised on 100 acres and lived his last 3 years with a
bachelor band. They had human contact to be halter broke as
babies and then when someone brought hay in the wintertime,
he was wormed and trimmed once per year, although as
nervous as he was about having his left ear handled, I'd
say they cowboyed him a bit. He WAS trailered off the place
to breed a few times and was caught and gelded (that'd make
most men gunshy!) and his first few days at home I left the
halter on. He's a good boy though and tries awfully hard,
plus he's easily bribed with food!


--- Bob Morris <> wrote:
> It appears that every other person is getting a new horse
> so
> I had to go out and get me one. This morning I brought
> home
> a five year old Egyptian Arab that has never had a thing
> done to him. This was the first time off the place he was
> born, his first trailer loading and ride and real the
> first
> time for everything. His feet are well over grown so it
> looks like I may have to use the chain saw to do the
> first
> trim. He is approachable and I can get a halter on him in
> less than 15 minutes.
> Gonna have me some fun.
> Bob Morris
> Morris Endurance Enterprises
> Boise, ID
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