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Spooking - Spook and Spin

Dear Ridecampers,

It's me again - the one with the 6yo Arabian gelding that spooks - and ever 
once in a while, spooks and spins so hard it leaves me in the dirt. I recently 
decided that he needs to go to a trainer. I "may" have found one and currently 
am waiting to talk to him prior to turning my little steed over  to him. 
Problem. Another Arabian trainer, judge, etc. I know just happened to be at the 
local store last night. I stopped to say hello and told her of my plight. She 
was very diplomatic - which I can appreciate - but basically said my horse 
would always be spooky - to a degree - and I might not be a good enough rider 
to detect his spooks in time. And she said I might be better off with an 
older/settled Arabian or another breed. Ridecampers; I know there are 
"numerous" variables here but I'm in need of serious "general" guidance/advice 
from long standing Arabian owners. Am I throwing good money after bad? Can a 
good/reputable trainer correct this problem? And/or do I need training if I am 
determined to keep this horse?

Ruth Abair in NE Texas

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