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owner best judge re barefoot

As in most cases the owner of the horse is the best judge of foot care for their horse.
I have had great luck with the natural trim on my mare. As I stated in an earlier post she has healthy white line for the first time since I bought her.
It has been a slow transition to the "new " angles. Common sense tells us that you can not just change the angles drastically and expect to stay sound. I trim her myself under the guidance of a very skilled farrier. Trim is a loose term. I rasp mostly.
X-rays of her foot show that her coffin bone is parallel and her foot looks healthy.
Strasser should be taken as a guide not gospel.
Look at all the different training methods for endurance. Find what works for your horse and trust your common sense.
If we all did things the same it would make for a boring chat line.

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