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Re: RE: Barefoot and hoof growth (Followup information)

> My statement of his research results should have read (and I'm
> paraphrasing):
> The kidneys, liver and heart have to work harder to dispose of the excess
> of proteins not used by hooves that are contracted or shod and not
> receiving proper circulation.  The proteins are disposed of as toxins, but
> it is not toxins that build the hoof.

Well, we've pretty much beaten this to death, but okay.  I do agree that
excess proteins are degraded by the liver so that the leftover, useless bits
(ammonia and then urea) which is indeed toxic, is disposed of via the
kidneys.  However, there is a very significant body of research in multiple
species that clearly demonstrates excess protein is *not* detrimental to
healthy kidneys or liver.  There are other detrimental side effects to
excess protein, but those are entirely different.

I guess I'd have to see some pretty impressive, peer-reviewed,
super-research numbers that quantified blood urea nitrogen, creatine
clearance ratios, liver enzymes, glomeruler blood flow or something like
that for this one opinion to totally negate every other research study done
in the past sixty years on the subject.  But I'd love to see the actual
research citation and read the paper that came to these conclusions.

Susan G

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