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RE: Barefoot and hoof growth (Followup information)

karen standefer
Last week I had promised to get back regarding a statement I had made
about some hoof research.

The person who did the research I was referring to was Dr. Bracy Clark
from the Royal Veterinary College.  He is the person who discovered and
named the Periople.

My statement of his research results should have read (and I'm

The kidneys, liver and heart have to work harder to dispose of the excess
of proteins not used by hooves that are contracted or shod and not
receiving proper circulation.  The proteins are disposed of as toxins, but
it is not toxins that build the hoof.

Sorry for the misinformation.

With regard to the thermographs, I have no idea if there has been
published papers.  I have proven it to myself satisfactorily with my own
horses.  We had 3 shod and 3 barefoot for life.  There was a 10-12 degree
difference in the hooves between the shod and barefoot horses.  We used a
laser digital thermometer (I think that's what they're called).


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