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for inquiring minds who want to know....

I am including here for those interested in reading it a link to the Hoof Care and Lameness website where one can read the warning from the International League for the Protection of Horses concerning Strasser's methods (not just the barefoot stuff) and ALSO statements from various individuals (including Strausser herself) and assocations adding their views both pros and cons.  Since we want to be well educated in regards to how we care for our horses, I hoped these additional statements might help.
I am sending this in the spirit of sharing as anyone who has been on Ridecamp any length of time already knows that I am a farrier's wife, that my husband and I believe in treating every horse as an individual (in every aspect of its care), that we have some horses with shoes and some without and that we do not advocate the Strasser trim or any ONE method of trimming/shoeing or otherwise caring for horses. 

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